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Write an objection

Help in writing an objection

Other things you can do

  • Read the proposal on the City of Greater Geelongs website (CoGG) Read all the attached documents.

  • Ring the Planning Officer listed on the Council website and seek further information.

  • Talk with your neighbours.

  • Consider dropping a flyer into homes in your nearby area to see if others are concerned and form a group.

  • Write an email to Lisa Neville

  • Write to the Editor of the Geelong Advertiser and the Bellarine Times

Let your councillors know
Send an email with your  concerns to the councillors.  Check the COGG website for more details. below:   

Deputy Mayor Trent Sullivan


Ph: 0434 307 050

Stephanie Asher


Ph: 0413 369 719


Jim Mason


Ph: 0434 307 048

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