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Write Letters or emails

Alison Marchant our elected representative for the Bellarine  

For more general information on writing to Ministers visit Climate for Action on how to engage with MP's @

Talk to politicians when you are at local markets 

Are you concerned about the removal of trees in St Leonards or other environmental issues?  Write an email to Council, Cr. Jim Mason, Alison Marchant (your elected state representative) Alison Marchant or Ingrid Stitt the State Minister for the Environment. 

1. Tell them a little about your self. (How long you've lived/worked/visited St Leonards, what your interests are). 
2. Tell them why you are writing. (e.g. I'm angry at the ongoing removal of trees and loss of habitat for wildlife). 
3. Ask them what you want them to do. (list 1 -4 things). e.g.  I want you to assist in preventing further removal of trees and native vegetation at 541-569 Ibbotson St. 
4. Ask them to let you know how they will do this or what they are doing? 

Keep the length to 1 page.


Social Media
Get on social Media, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and follow 
Protect the Bellarine at:
Instagram: protect_the_bellarine

Talk to everyone you know

Write to the newspapers including editors, ring talk back radio

Sign an e-petition

Check out other community websites

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