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More than 150 Bellarine residents gathered at Edwards Point on 14 August along with Andy Meddick and 3 state election candidates to Protect the Bellarine. 

Sobering news on the state of our environment

The 2021 State of the Environment report (SoE 2021) provides an independent, comprehensive and evidence-based assessment of the state of Australia’s environment.

SoE 2021 is co-authored by some of Australia’s most respected environmental scientists and experts, and led by a diverse group of co-chief authors who bring their own expertise and perspectives to the report: 


19 July 2022

State of the Environment Report 2021

News from 28 April 2022  Bellarine Times

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Bellarine Groups defend town character.

Boundary Battle 
Looms - Residents unite to protect towns
(Geelong Advetiser 30 May)


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